MNXTM Manganese Steel

There is a new innovative Manganese steel – called MNX. Manganese steel combines excellent wear-resistant characteristics with high durability.

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MNX Steel

In any heavy industry, but especially in mining and quarry operations, numerous variables affect the type, mechanism, and progression of wear on parts. By optimizing the chemical composition and the manufacturing process of the wear parts, we developed our patented material called MNX™, which is reinforced by embedding a rigid inlay within the manganese casting that protects the surface sliding abrasion thought the entire crushing campaign.



Benefits to output and cost savings improve productivity

In testing the material, both in the lab and in the field, we noted that the liners maintained their toughness for 20% to 30% longer than standard manganese steel liners, which will reduce replacement costs. Our steel grade has also performed well in very wet conditions, where usually the wear ratio increases dramatically. The wear and friction created by crushing and grinding consume energy and adds to carbon emissions. By reducing these, we are also helping to reduce energy consumption, which saves companies money – and contributes to the global reduction of carbon emissions.


Increase production with the MNX™ - Self Adapting  Manganese Alloy steel

The only self adapting manganese available  on the market.

  • Castings with longer resistance to abrasion
  • Patented base with homogeneous dispersions of hard phases (30000 HV)
  • Naturally occurring carbides formed away from the steel grain boundaries
  • Uniform and elastic body of austenitic manganese suitable

for an endless array of crushing applications

Increased run times of up to 35%.

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