GripPlusTM Inlay

Increase the life-time of cones almost 100% on site application

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GripPlusTM Reinforced Manganese Steel

The GripPlusTM insert is made of titanium, specifically to augment cone crushers. We tailor the rigid inlay to match the customer needs, according to our know-how, to reach the best result. The customer only needs to show us where they note maximum wear on the casting.

The inlay increases the manganese steel's hardness by 18%, where the impact is not enough to work-harden the surface and reduce wear due to abrasion.





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Take your Manganese to the next level of wear protection with GripPlus™ and GPF inserts.

For crushing applications too fierce for anything else, we introduce our GripPlus™ inserts for cones.

  • Tailored specifically to augment cone crushers
  • Useful in abrasive or blasted rock
  • 2-3 times longer wear life compared to STD Mn steel
  • Can provide an additional 30% of wear life over our MNX line

Meet the newest member of the GripPlus™ Family: The GPF

The F-Mesh crusher liners are an unrivaled solution for maintaining the inserts for the cone original crushing profile throughout the castings' entire life.

Increased run times of up to 65%.