Cone Crusher Parts

We offer a full line of Cone Crusher Parts. Superior performance comes from the use of patented MNXTM Manganese Alloy or GripPlusTM Inserts.

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Special Steel for Cones

  • MNXTM Manganese
  • GripPlusTM Inserts


Standard Steel for Cones

  • MNCR12.2
  • MNCR18.2
  • MNCR20.3
  • MN12

See how our new Manganese steel, called MNXTM, combines excellent wear-resistant characteristics with high durability to deliver the highest quality cones.




MNXTM Manganese Steel

A New Generation of Steel

We have developed new innovative Manganese steel – called MNXTM. Manganese steel combines excellent wear-resistant characteristics with high durability. This material's winning feature is joining the typical MnCr18.2 toughness to a homogeneous and very fine dispersion of Hard Phases, with HV hardness values that are generally twice in comparison with typical Chromium carbides.





GripPlusTM Reinforced Manganese Steel

The GripPlusTM insert is made of titanium, specifically to augment cone crushers. We tailor the hard inlay to match the customer needs, according to our know-how, to reach the best result. The customer only need to show us where they note maximum wear on the casting. 

The inlay increases the manganese steel's hardness by 18%, where the impact is not enough to work-harden the surface and reduce wear due to abrasion.